IT Service Providers Group - Executive Coaching and Corporate Strategy

Strategic synergy: Shaping the future with top executives after a series of company acquisitions.

IT Service Providers Group - Executive Coaching and IT Strategy

Initial Situation

An established IT service provider has secured a strong position within specific market segments and niches. Its portfolio includes individual software development, software integration, and a range of proprietary specialized software products.

However, several challenges have emerged:

  • Anticipated retirement of long-serving senior executives
  • Risk concentration from a historically balanced client base
  • Significant business impacts from emerging technologies and paradigms, particularly AI and low-code/no-code platforms
  • Decreased price negotiation power due to increased competition
  • Major shifts in employer attractiveness, employee experience expectations, retention rates, and applicant behavior

Following a series of strategic acquisitions by the proactive ownership and supervisory board to bolster market positioning, there is now the need to develop and implement a comprehensive overall corporate strategy.

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Overall Goal

The project's primary objective was to collaborate with top executives across the IT service provider entities, alongside the supervisory board, to forge a comprehensive new corporate strategy. This strategy aims to encompass:

  • A balanced analysis of the current strengths and weaknesses across the group's IT service providers
  • An in-depth review of the existing client landscape, identifying opportunities, threats, and key market trends
  • Formulation and consensus on the foundational elements of the future service and product portfolio
  • Strategic directives for business development, focusing on the combination of service offerings, portfolio expansion, and key client relationships
  • Integration strategies to unify the disparate IT service providers within the group, promoting a cohesive operational framework
  • Executive succession planning and delineation of future leadership responsibilities
  • Definition of a strategic implementation roadmap to operationalize the new corporate strategy effectively
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Project Concept

The new corporate IT strategy development for the group followed this structured approach:

  • Conducting a series of comprehensive, full-day workshops aimed at collaboratively defining key elements of the corporate strategy
  • Ensuring full executive engagement by having all top executives present their current state assessments and strategic visions in advance
  • Facilitating sessions to harmonize differing viewpoints and reconcile the group's history with future objectives
  • Performing complementary off-site events designed to foster unity and leverage the diverse experiences of the executive team
  • Maintaining continuous dialogue with the owners group and the supervisory board to monitor progress, address potential challenges, and secure final approval
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Project Duration

The comprehensive development of the corporate strategy for the IT service provider group spanned approximately six months.

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